Axel Bussmeyer 85sc

Axel Bussmeyer

Axel Bussmeyer . creative at heart

Born in Germany, since mid 2006 he is resident at Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

Axel has an academic education in art history and a Masters in photography from the Bavarian Academy of Photography and while living in Munich, Germany, Axel was running an studio for professional photography – specialized in fashion, people & and stills for international clients.

Ongoing Axel has enriched his own education and creativity by joining workshops and seminars with some of the best international advertisers, film directors and artists.

His professional work now includes as well innovative communication concepts, art direction and the direction of music & art videos.

Here in Quebec Axel began recreating his personal career and developed his artistic concept of “shifting the perspective”, concentrating on the art side of photography and painting. He started sharing his knowledge and moderated workshops in art photography, contemporary digital imaging and innovative marketing as a lecturer and art coach.
Meanwhile his artwork is exhibited in North America as well as in Europe and part of private and institutional collections.

More information and references can be found on his website.


Axel Bussmeyer . creative at heart

Phone +1 450 777 6514 or +49 152 2233 6775 (Europe)

e-mail: [email protected]