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Deirdre Potash

Deirdre Potash is an art educator, artist and writer with over twenty-five years of teaching experience, including Art Comes to School, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, John Abbott College, and International Language School of Canada.

Bring the fine arts back into the classroom. We all need to create, to let our imaginations run free. Lets spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere. Art Comes to School does this by providing fun, artistic, interactive and educational activities. To date over 10,000 students have benefited from the programs offered through Art Comes to School.

As an artist I work on many levels through words but more often through visual imagery. A tactile exploration on a personal level yet I want to evoke your reactions.

I have no media of choice. It’s an ongoing journey which has included drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and design, into which I incorporate gesture, line, form, tone, texture, and sometimes colour. I often highlight perspective and composition through observation and imaginative endeavors based on still life, the human form, and landscapes. From this foundation I set out on a voyage of discovery and I ask you to come along and join me for the ride.