Glenna Tissenbaum 84sc

Glenna Tissenbaum

Glenna Tissenbaum creates compelling abstract paintings. Working in acrylic, she has discovered and implemented a myriad of textural effects, gained through the manipulation of its versatile additives.
Driven by a relentlessly curious mind, Glenna is constantly researching and perfecting her grasp of the next technique that will further enhance her abstract vision. Although not academically trained, her innate understanding of color, shape, composition and form has led to her distinctive artistic style.
Her mixed-media artwork contains gold leaf, beads, rice paper and found items, to name but a few elements.
A great believer in experimentation and hands-on learning, Glenna taught herself to paint and sculpt. As an accomplished stained glass artisan, she’s integrated this element into her artwork - adding yet another interesting dimension.
Her artwork can be found in private and corporate collections.