Alisha Fisher 39sc

Alisha Fisher

I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal. I design Eco clothing; that is I make clothing from discarded trash like umbrella material and plastic packaging as well as old clothing.I am also a writer(science fiction, non fiction, poetry and song writing).I went to art school for 4 and half years and studied Fine Arts and textile art.I have a vision of a nicotine free, vegetarian Eco artist earth ship colony in Montreal. And I am looking for others who really want the same thing. I see myself living and working in this Earth ship with a studio to sell my fashions and another space in the front for my art,like a gallery space.A Earthship is a self sustaining Eco home using rainwater, solar heat and permaculture so that there is very little cost or no cost in heating and electricity-as low as 100$ per year. This would help artists and the economy of Montreal and am looking to connect with others who can help me write up a business plan to present to the city and other institutions. I have interests in combining dance, performance art, costume and body painting in a cinematic piece for the stage or cinema. I have done performance art in the past.

Some examples of my past works can be found on You Tube under Naturenymphs.