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Avery Ensembl'arts Groupe

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Ensembl’arts Group (Groupe Ensembl’arts) is a multidisciplinary ensemble created in 2013 in Montreal, originally under its main series named Art Crush. 

The ensemble is dedicated to innovative outreach projects within the community, to educating the public about their unique art form and to presenting high quality performances in venues throughout Canada.

Ensembl’arts Group creates multidisciplinary performances with the multifaceted elements of sound, image, and movement. The ensemble is dedicated to the production of multidisciplinary concerts, educational events and virtual performances during the year and in collaboration with other ensembles.

Ensembl’arts is at the forefront of multidisciplinary creation and performance by combining the disciplines of instrumental music, dance and choreography, live-painting and visual arts.


Each member within the ensemble is called to work together with an openness of mind and spirit, a willingness to experiment in new performance formats in collaboration with artists from different artistic backgrounds and training. 

The values of the founders include a good remuneration for all artists and technicians, according to or above fee schedules set by CARFAC, GMMQ and RAAV, as well as a dedication to making social and environmentally conscious decisions in the production of works.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ensemblarts/