Deanna Radford 34sc

Deanna Radford

Deanna Radford is a writer, poet, poet-performer, and editor living in Tiohtiá:ke, Montréal. She is pursuing an MA in creative writing at Concordia University.

“Poetry Formations in a Resonant Cloud” is the title of Deanna's poetry manuscript in-progress, inspired by the internet and cloud computing as they intersect with meteorological clouds and the environment.

As poet-performer, Deanna collaborates with musician and sound artists Jeremy Young and Philippe Vandal as Cloud Circuit. They have warmed the stage for David Grubbs, Ora Clementi, Alex Hung-Tai Chang and others. She has given poetry readings at events hosted by Les Cabarets Bâtards, Lectures Logos, the Mile End Poets Festival, the Visual Arts Centre Reading series, the Yellow Door Readings, and others.

Deanna is the curator of the Atwater Poetry Project.