Lisan Denise Chng 49sc

Lisan Denise Chng

As a mosaic artist, facilitator, coordinator and initiator of community mosaic projects and participative art, Lisan is passionate about the exploration of cultural identity, the liberation of creativity and the development of self-confidence through art. She is fascinated to see how the participants of her projects express their self-identity in their creations. Each person is like mosaics made up of experiences of places she has visited and the people she has met. It is this deep search within, the understanding of the other and the celebration of diversity that ignite her passion for her community projects. Her role as a cultural mediator seeks to bring art to the "person on the street".

Since 2010, she has led several community mosaic murals in Quebec, Canada. In 2012, she led a group of immigrant women from 12 countries to produce a mosaic mural that combines the cultural symbols of each participant. The mural "The Tree of Life" was presented to the general public and was acquired by the City of Rimouski, to celebrate the Cultural Days 2012. In 2013, Lisan worked on a project with the youth, bringing young Quebecois and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds together to create a community mosaic "The Treasures of the Ocean". Lisan is fascinated to see how the children's creations in this intercultural context reflect the self-image and cultural roots of each child. It is this profound discovery of the self, the understanding of the other and the celebration of diversity that ignite her passion for her community mosaic projects.

In 2014, Lisan led more than 500 volunteers over a total of 32 workshops to realize a large-scale community mosaic mural, which is currently installed at Bright Vision Hospital. Over three months, participants of the project were given the opportunity to handcraft ceramic pieces that were inspired by the core principles of Bright Vision Hospital : ‘faith’, ‘compassion’, ‘peace’ and ‘hope’. The 8ft by 16ft mosaic mural titled "Seeds of Hope" brought together diverse groups of volunteers from all walks of life to bring the vision of the hospital to life. This project brought multiple public and private partners together.

In recognition of her work to bridge communities through art, she was one of the two winners of a cultural mediation scholarship offered by Culture Pour Tous in 2013 in the entire province of Quebec in Canada. Lisan is fluent in both English and French and is able to lead her workshops in both languages. In 2017, Lisan was invited to participate in the Silver Arts Festival in Singapore and her project in collaboration with Bright Vision Hospital, Project VIBE, was showcased amongst five selected WeCare Art projects.

2017 marked a significant year of international expansion of MosaicJam's footprint, as Lisan ventured into China for the first time to teach handicapped orphans and teachers mosaic art. She was also invited to Belgium in June 2016 and in August 2017, by Synergie Wallonie, a federal women's association, to initiate and execute a couple mosaic projects with immigrant and local women, under the theme of gender equality and women's rights. Lisan also works with secondary school students and adult community members in Quebec, Canada and her current project involves the completion of a 120sqft mosaic mural project for a new school building at Metis Beach. MosaicJam projects led by Lisan can now be found in Singapore, Canada, China and Belgium.