Jesse Just Costa 15sc

Jesse Just Costa

Juliana & Jesse are a brother-sister duo based in Montreal, Canada. The duo travelled to Vancouver, BC to record their album “In Time, All Things”, a coming of age of their project, with Juno Award nominee, producer Sid Perez. Borza Ghomeshi (Mayk Music) mastered the record, which features 3 bonus tracks in French, including interpretations of two classics from Francis Cabrel and Beau Dommage. “In Time, All Things” reflects Juliana & Jesse’s acoustic sound, carried by catchy melodies and a full band’s infectious groove. The album’s themes draw from a full spectrum of experiences : good and bad. In doing so, the duo resonates a message of harmony, embracing both positivity and hardship. Sit back and enjoy the ride because in time, all things do find their place.