Bjorn Brondsted 39sc

Bjorn Brondsted

I am born and raised among hippies and rebels in Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark. After living first in Wales and then in Scotland, I finally ended up living in Canada, in the city of Montreal.

I have been making art since I could hold a pencil; visual arts have always been a part of my life. I am largely self-taught, but though I have never received any formal training (aside from a course in crafts while I was studying social education) I have read and studied contemporary and great artists on my own.

In 2016 an online antiquity boutique listed one of my paintings on their 1stdibs store. It sold within 24 hours for $3,000 USD. At the same time I had just gotten a 2-year grant from the government to start a business where I made art lamps, so I focused on that instead. But despite not pursuing my art career actively at that time, this moment still stands as one of the highlights of my artistic career, and a validation that there is a market for my art.

Mainly due to insufficient marketing efforts (I was learning as I was going along, and I had tried to position myself as a luxury brand, which required more funds than I had available) the art lamp business did not become a success, and after picking up and strengthening my career as a freelance translator, I decided in October 2018 to focus on becoming a full-time professional artist.

This decision feels as right to me as any decision I have ever made. It feels like a journey that is home.

I create in a flow and mix between the planned and structured, and the spontaneous and intuitive. I paint with inks, acrylics and watercolors using paint brushes and airbrush, and the subject matter is eyes (for they are the windows of the soul), beautiful women, and nature, in a mix of realism, surrealism and semi-abstract.

Art, I believe, is an experience that is powered by emotions.