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Zsolt Alapi was born in Budapest, Hungary, left as a child with his family during the 1956 uprising, and lived in the United States until the age of twenty, at which point he was drafted into the United States Army to serve in Vietnam.  He escaped the States for Europe and eventually ended up in Montreal, where he has lived for close to forty years, taking up Canadian citizenship in 1990.  He obtained his Ph.D. from McGill University and taught English and Humanities for thirty-five years at both Marianopolis College and at Concordia University. As well, he became the editor and publisher of Siren Song Publishing, a small, independent press based in Montreal that published Writing at the Edge, a collection of “edgy” fiction by authors such as Dan Fante, Mark SaFranko, Lee Rourke, Laura Hird, Tony O’Neill, Heidi James, Matthew Firth, and others.  He also edited seven other books of fiction, and authored a collection of stories The Dance of the Seven Dwarfs in 2014.  Zsolt’s fiction and poetry have appeared in anthologies (Best Canadian Stories) and in several small magazines and on-line (The Antigonish Review, The Trinity Review, Front & Centre, The Savage Kick, Laura Hird’s Showcase, Scarecrow, and others.)  A translation of his story, “Julius Boom-Boom” appeared in France in the anthology Le Livre des Fêlures:  31 Histoires Cousues de Fil Noir (13e Note Editions, Paris). His novel, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus is forthcoming from DC Books Canada in 2020. He has written extensively on the writers of the New Underground as well as many reviews both in English and French.  Currently, he teaches part time at Concordia University in Montreal and writes a weekly column for the arts and culture blog, Montreal Rampagehttp://montrealrampage.com/category/to-consider/