Marianne Shaker 109sc

Marianne Shaker

Marianne Shaker holds a BFA from Concordia University, and a Diploma in Art Education from McGill University.  She exhibited her work in solo, and in numerous group exhibitions.  While pursuing her own artist practice, she teaches Visual Arts to the youth.  While focusing on the creative process, Marianne enjoys passing on her passion to the youth who have naturally strong desires to express themselves.  She held art workshops in several schools, and during a humanitarian project in rural Egypt where students exchanged their artwork with written messages with students she taught.  She, also, curated fundraising exhibitions at Musée des Maîtres et Artisans, and the art of children who lived through war.  Marianne provides her artwork, and photographs for cultural events; booklets, websites, slideshows, and other publications. She is a recipient of several prizes, and nominations, and a few of her art pieces are in private collections.  Her work has been published in the American University in Beirut; Art and Literary Journal.

In her artistic work, Marianne has developed a sharp consciousness of cultural identity, and the complexity of human interrelationships.  Her travels have inspired a particular creative aesthetic.  Her work takes the form of a timeless series that seizes the ephemeral, or engraved memories. There is an interconnectedness of the past, the present, and the future engraved in every human being in a continual quest for belonging.  Marianne uses a visual language of vibrant colours that releases great energy in as much as organic, figurative, and abstract forms.  She takes pleasure in drawing, painting, collage with a multidisciplinary mastery while exploring various media such as pastel, oi and acrylic paints, as well as, photography, and digital printing.