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Garfield Morgan

Garfield Morgan is a Jamaican artist who now lives and works in Montreal. He is best known for The Tarp Project - 'a socially engaged series of works using tarpaulin from the Jamaican marketplace'. Interviewed by Jacqueline Bishop for ARC Magazine, Garfield noted, 'art for me is far more engaging and challenging when the so-called, "everyday" or "non-traditional" materials are incorporated in the process.'

His "re-use" of discarded materials and objects, and his recycling efforts are attempts to, "tread lightly", by lessening his carbon footprint on the planet. The elevation of the, "throw-away" or "discard" to art status, is a metaphor for the marginalized, oppressed peoples and cultures that he resurrects from destruction and near invisibility to re-engage now. Garfield’s acrylic paintings, mixed media collages, installations and reconstructions are an ongoing cycle of reflection on man, his engagement with his fellow human beings and his relationship with the environment.

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