Clifford Schwartz 59sc

Clifford Schwartz

The Wheel Club is a historic Montreal cultural institution. Located in NDG, the club has existed since 1982 and is home to Monday "Hillbilly Nights" which, since its inception in 1965, has become the longest-running open mic night in the city. The Wheel Club is a live music favourite among patrons spanning 3 generations and has become an important community hub for NDGers as well as devotees from all over the city, province, and the country. The club enjoys a great reputation internationally.

The club has also been an important place to raise funds for other causes year after year such as the NDG Food Bank, Head & Hands, the Children's Wish Foundation, and many more. Preserving the club means the much needed support of these vital charities will not cease.

The Wheel Club already enjoys the support of Montrealers everywhere, local politicians, the media, those who first created the club, and its patrons. Together, we can all preserve that which we all created and that which we all deserve: a place for our community to flourish through arts, culture, and our shared humanity.