Jobel North America Marinella Montanri 40sc

Jobel North America Marinella Montanri

Jobel is a non-profit international organization, established in Italy in 1998.


Jobel is the sound produced by the ram's horn, the Shofar. Jobe sound is a sound announcing peace and justice. The Shofar was played in ancient time in the Middle East Regions.


Jobel's mission is to inform, engage, and empower communities to make a transition towards a more sustainable present and future through original creative educational programs, multidisciplinary awareness campaign, site specifics events.


We believe in partnership to implement our projects and achieve an active social and environmental impact.


We started in the City of Rome in 1998, working with communities, schools, and disadvantaged youth. Our Founder and Creative Director, Lorenzo Cognatti, envisioned a new model of theatre. Theatre as a tool to reach out to youth and families. Theatre as a social service in which the entertaining aspect is profoundly combined with elements to reflect, engage, and stimulate existential questions. Jobel delivers all these messages combining different art forms to be accessible to all types of audiences. Briefly: we combine different ingredients to cook the best pasta in many different ways, but the base is pasta!

More than 20 years are long! So, to make the story short here, there are the essential steps of our journey.

In 2003 we established the Jobel Center ( Italy ), an International creative and cultural hub for training and production. In 2015 we launched the program Art For Earth intending to inform and engage artists and citizens in collaborating to achieve sustainability in environmental, social, and economic fields. In 2015 we had launched the ART FOE EARTH Program to engage communities in understanding and taking action to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through creative arts and creative education. In 2017 we created the SmarTalk Project, a multidisciplinary and multimedia format in which artists, scientists, academia, experts, meet and create an original and unique creative talk on sustainability.

In 2019 Jobel has opened the North America branch, Jobel North America, with head-quarter in Montréal. We operate through creative educational multidisciplinary experiences and tailor-made event design with social and environmental impact.


2000: International Mid Summer Theatre Festival in Tagliacozzo, Italy.

2005: Vatican City. Original performance with live orchestra and chorus.

2007: The Creation of The World tin Collaboration with Lazio Region and the Bishop's Synod.

2012:Jobel firs International Tour: Brazil, India, Japan.

2014: Jobel Center is Recognized as a National Artistic Residency, by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

2015: Project Leader in the European Project with the European Union Program Creative Europe.

2017: National educational program: THE CREATIVE HILL, with the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage

2019: Opening Performance and SmarTalk during the United Nation Forum on Sustainable Development for the Asia and Pacific Region: United Nations building in Bangkok

2019: Opening performances and SmarTalk during the ECOSOC Forum: United Nations Head-Quarter, NY.

2019: New branch Jobel North America is incorporated in Canada with head-quarter in Montreal.

North America PROJECTS

January 2019: Boston, MA ( United States ) Creative Educational Program for Malden Catholic High School for girls

February 2019: Boston, MA ( United States ) Northeastern University: The Travelling Dante (a play based in Dante's Inferno )

May 2019: Ottawa, ON( Canada ) Creative Educational Program for Lester B. Pearson and All Saints High School ( OCSB )

June 2019: Montréal, QC ( Canada ) Montréal Science Center Festival EureKa: Travelling Characters and play on sustainable mobility.

September 2019: Toronto, ON ( Canada ) CANDEREL 777 Bay. In collaboration with Ingenium Museums: WOMEN IN STEM Original dance.

October 2019: Montréal, QC ( Canada ) Montreal Diocese: The Serving Witness, play, and workshop during the Faith Conference.

November 2019: Ottava, ON ( Canada ) Carleton University, Italian Embassy, and Swiss Embassy, LEONARDO DA VINCI SmarTalk

December 2019: Ottava, ON ( Canada ) Carleton University, Dominion Chalmers Center, LEONARDO DA VINCI SmarTalk

February 2019: Ottawa, ON ( Canada ) CANDEREL Constitution Square: In a Heartbeat, original Dance celebrating women in health in Africa and Asia.

February 2019: Toronto, ON ( Canada ) Aga Khan Museum, Workshop Series ( Dance, Music, and Pantomime )

October - March 2019


connecting different arts in harmony.


Education: from le latin word Educare: to cultivate, to grow, to take out. Our approach in the educational programs is to stimulate, motivate, and inspire students in finding their creative tools, their potential to create original content and arts.