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alex apostolidis

Alex Apostolidis is an interdisciplinary artist working with image-based media in print, installation and video. They grew up in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal in 2016. They're currently working on a Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Photography, with a background in Studio Arts. Their work stems from their personal narrative and their lived experience as a queer person navigating mental health. 

Primarily, their fine art practise is based around creating site-specific image-based installations with photocopies, found objects and 35mm photography. They are able to screen print, digital print and work in darkrooms. Alex Apostolidis's print work, family,  is a part of the collections of the Bibliotheque and Archives National du Quebec and Concordia University.

With tons of excess, whimsy and disorder, Alex Apostolidis creates a glitchy dreamland for all to explore in their video work. The Alex Apostolidis Show is their most recent project in development. A four-hour happening was hosted in a studio where they made a set to re-celebrate their 20th birthday on public access television. This was then filmed and turned into a nine-channel installation. The aesthetics in this video were built off their previous work such as Alex's Room and I don’t want to be seen but I love showing myself. Their video installation work soft throws was shown at Studio Rialto for Art Matters in March 2019 and in October, 2019, Alex's Room screened at the Performance is Alive Satellite Art Festival in Brooklyn, NYC. Alex plans on moving forward with an online version of The Alex Apostolidis Show in 2020-2021.

Outside of their Fine Art practice, Alex Apostolidis is a practicing event and portrait photographer. They've shot for clients such as John Fluevog Montreal, Common Holly and Concordia's Fibres Department. Their photographs of Common Holly have been featured in FADER and Exclaim magazine. Alex Apostolidis's bookings are available for art documentation, portrait and event photography.

Alex Apostolidis has been playing music for 14 years. Currently as a solo ambient/noise/drone project and as a member of the egg-punk band Hang Nail, who played POP Montreal and I Can't Believe It's Not Paris in 2019.