Sam Asmar 45sc

Sam Asmar

I started as an incognito voice actor in Kindergarten, receiving my training from hours of study in front of television screens and performing for friends throughout my youth, and then for my students when I became a high school teacher.   After graduating from McGill with a B.A. in English Lit and B.Ed., I realized that I had a passion for the subtlety and variety of all forms of artistic communication.  Later in my career, I graduated from the Montreal Radio and Television School, and worked on radio spots and in various educational resource media projects.

The project that got me started as an author and performer was The Incubator: Your Project-Launching Workshop.

This work allows me to significantly contribute to many communities throughout Quebec by engaging thousands of students in artistic project development.  One of my greatest passions is collaborating and/or inspiring young people to use and discover their talents by organizing Video festivals, putting on an infinite variety of shows and performances, and highlighting the often hidden talents they have but do not recognize or acknowledge until given the chance.

I most often combine my role as artist with that of educator, but there have been projects that have been purely artistic including work for radio, acting on stage and voice acting for video games.  I love to impersonate voices, come up with original ideas that grab people's attention and create through different mediums including writing, sound, video, and performance.