Victoria Mackenzie 30sc

Victoria Mackenzie

Victoria Mackenzie/VicVersa is a Montreal-based, Toronto-raised dancer, teacher and facilitator. Victoria began dancing at a very young age and practiced various styles until finding herself situated between the breaking and contemporary dance scenes. She completed her formation at École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal in 2013 and has been actively breaking since 2008.

She performs locally and internationally for artists Tentacle Tribe, Helen Simard, Cirque du Soleil, and her own creations under VicVersa Productions; for festivals Breakin' Convention, Summer Dance Forever, Urban Moves Oslo, Detour Copenhagen, the PamAm Games, Festival 100Lux, Tangente and Festival Quartiers Danses.

Her most recent works include 2003 (2019), Or Else (2019), and Audio/Visual (2018). As of 2018 she has taken on the role of rehearsal director for a handful of Montreal-based artists.

Her solo performances, which have been presented in Montreal, Toronto and Whitehorse include TheStoryProject (2014), Identity Binding (2017), and 2003 (2019).

As a teacher, she gives episodic workshops in Montreal, Toronto and abroad. Her classes are primarily focused on floorwork, break, and freestyling.

Her connections with the street dance scene are an essential part of her life. In her spare time she organizes local battles, and is constantly seeking out break communities while travelling.

She is currently invested in a research project focused on re-imagining the organizational structure of the dance creation workspace. This research will provide the blueprint for an upcoming creation with a group of Montreal-based artists.