Le Club Sportif et Culturel Ouest Can 30sc

Le Club Sportif et Culturel Ouest Can

West-Can Folk Performing Company is a long-established Afro-Caribbean performing group in Quebec, Canada with a mission to teach and showcase Caribbean folk culture. At the time of its inception, most members were recent immigrants to Canada. Now, the group consists mostly of second and third generation Canadians who continue to learn and demonstrate aspects of Caribbean folk culture learnt from parents and elders. 

Over the years West-Can has offered drum and dance classes to the children of the Caribbean community, ensuring that the rich Caribbean folk culture is passed down to the next generation. West-Can also provides fun, interactive and educational virtual and in-person Caribbean folk performing arts workshops to children in schools, adults and seniors. The group has maintained its position as an ambassador of Caribbean folk culture throughout Quebec and Canada and has performed at Montreal Grand Prix, Nuits d’Afrique, The International Reggae Festival, Montreal Caribbean Fashion week 2015 and the International Folk Festival in Drummondville, Quebec and at the 32nd edition of the Folklore Festival in Schoten, Belgium (Werelddansfestival Hello!Schoten). The company has also performed in various festivals in Ontario, Western Canada and the museum of Natural History in Manhattan. Recently (June 2013), West-Can was invited to perform at the Port-of-Spain Town Hall as well as participate in the re-enactment of the Canboulay riots of 1881 (March 2014, February 2016, March 2018). West Can performed as part of Kulturise Productions for the PK Subban Gala benefiting the Montreal Children’s Hospital in 2018. Taste of the Caribbean festival in Montreal, 2018. West Can took first place in the Youth category in the Monnaie Money Talent show 2020.

Instagram:  @westcanfolk