Naomi F 20sc

Naomi F

Naomi(Artist name)
Education:4 1/2 years of studying Fine Arts and Textile Arts. Textile arts and craft workshops.
Experience: I have traveled and created art in more than 19 countries.
Art I have done: Paintings, sculpture, costume art, environmental art, performance art, illustration, mixed media, body art, photography, handmade greeting cards, collage, fashion illustration, fashion design, jewelry, and upcycled jewelry.
Activism: Environmental activist. Animal rights. Civil rights.
Volunteering: Animal rights, fostering.
Work experience: Festivals like the Fringe festival, just for laughs and others.
T.V and media: Appeared on Global T.V, Santa Cruz community Television, Maui T.V.
Gallery showings: Focus Gallery(Montreal)-solo show, group shows, etc.
I am currently doing upcycled jewelry.
Examples of my current work can be seen:
Please contact me privately if you are interested in seeing my other works.