Rosemary Reudelhuber 30sc

Rosemary Reudelhuber

Originally from Texas, via Strasbourg, France and San Francisco, California…Rosemary now lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. Having graduated from Concordia University in 2004, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts; Rosemary has exhibited at the VAV gallery of Concordia University in Montreal, the Montreal Art Centre and Gallery E.K.Voland. Her work is influenced by a deep interest in science and medicine as a result of working many years as a hospital floor nurse and her marriage to a medical research scientist. Working variously in paint, photography, fibre and sculpture, Rosemary has explored the relationship between human existence and the cosmos. 

Having recently discovered the alchemy of botanical printing, Rosemary is weaving threads of science and art into the exploration of slow dyeing of fibres. A way of mark-making that uses the wealth of the natural world; this practice draws on elements of wabi-sabi…embracing flaws and the unexpected. Rosemary prints on paper, silk, wool, cotton and linen… and paints and silkscreens her own drawings using thickened plant dyes. She infuses her love of nature into the work.