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kayla shears

Sound designer and interdisciplinary artist Kayla Shears moved to Montreal in 2009 from Southern California. She has travelled and fine-tuned her work, involving herself primarily in electronic music, creative writing, and community work for over a decade. She developed a firm platform for her musical talents to transform and mature, taking her all over the world performing for thousands of people at festivals and events. Kayla has created many influential shifts in the audio industries, and consistently parallels projects to bring light to social/global causes or community issues. With her 2019 BFA from Concordia University, she now specializes in point-source audio, short film (pre and post-production) and multimedia installations creating highly immersive experiences. In her new curatorial practice, her work pioneers a new realm of abstract, interactive and mixed media by transforming used, abandoned or broken mirrors into thought-provoking art pieces to be included in street art, gallery showings and in her own installations. She has been awarded high-ranking grants and opportunities to showcase her sound pieces at prestigious events like Montreal’s Nuit Blanche. As an adult on the autistic spectrum, she walks boldly with the intent to make people think and feel more deeply about themselves and their environment. Breaking even more barriers for autistic people, Kayla currently sits on the board of ELAN’s (English Language Arts Network) inclusion committee.

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/e.sunrise_