Geoffrey Darwent 30sc

Geoffrey Darwent

A painter’s style can be as conceptually complex as the subject they are painting. This is often the case when artists work “wet-on-wet”––a technique used by Geoffrey Darwent where wet paint is applied into a previous layer of paint, which is not yet dry. When you work in this style, it is difficult to layer paint to create the illusion of a realistic picture, so the tactility and fluidity of paint becomes a central idea. Or sometimes, as in Colour Field painting, an artwork will use large planes of colour to create an emotional or atmospheric effect. Sometimes, instead of expressing narrative through images, it’s the way that a painting is made that tells a story.


Born in Venezuela and raised in Perú by Trinidadian parents of both English and French descent, he arrived in Canada at the age of 12.  He was inspired by his mother who in her younger years performed, sang and, painted.  As a boy, the spectacular landscapes of Perú and the Pacific Ocean and nature in general impacted him.  Now living in Canada for most of his life, and experiencing the northern change in seasons further accentuated his passion.  He is self-taught.  In the busy child rearing years he painted mainly in oils and eventually gravitated to acrylics.


He is passionate about painting in his own interpretative style which provides a unique and fascinating representation and emotional connection with nature.  Whether painting in a representative or abstract style, he is focused on nature and our intertwined relationship with her.


 Sometimes I have an idea as to what I want to do but, I never know anything beyond that point and only find out when it is done.  It is an act of faith.”

In 2018, he created a Montreal Artist Painters group which now consists of over 350 members. From this he created the Group of 5 which stemmed from curating the works of four other artists including his own. His work has and continues to be exhibited in galleries and café’s.