Alice La Flèche 50sc

Alice La Flèche

I have a lifelong passion for Dance which I combine with Drawing and Voice ever since I was a child.

i grew up in Rome and was very influenced by Italian Renaissance Art. I started producing shows, directing and choreographing when I was 12. I also studied music, singing and guitar as a child. I went on to study Modern, Contemporary, Jazz and African dance in NYC, Rome and Montréal. I also studied Martial Arts, King Fu, Capeoira and Swordfighting. I am an active practitioner of meditation and yoga which I incorporate into dance as well.

I went to Fine Arts School in Sion, Switzerland, than at Bishops, Lennoxville and at Concordia University, MTL. 
I studied with sculptor Jordi Bonet in St Hilaire and in Paris.

I started teaching dance in 1986. I proceeded to make dance videos and edit them in 1988. 
After producing Alice’s Wonderland and Corpus Christi in Montréal, I left to pursue my career in NYC.

I curated an art exhibit with 15 artists from Montréal and incorporated a dance production and live music.I also created and produced a few solos in a variety of art spaces in NYC. I then focused on developing more technique in new forms of dance between 1993 and 1998 in NYC. Upon my return to Montreal, I worked on new pieces with Yves Choquette, which we produced for the Fine Arts Museum of Montréal.

I am very interested in the creative process and particularly enjoy combining different mediums with dance.

I had to interrupt  my career as an artist in order to support my son as a single mother, I have now returned  to the field and am eager to produce new work. 
My last productions were at Le Gésu where I was an artist in residence for 2 years. I created 13 murals inside the church along with a dance and voice production. I interacted with the public during the entire time and animated la nuit blanche as well inside one of the chapels. I found it very inspiring to engage directly with the public and incorporate their feedback into my work.

I also curated an exhibition to support women victims of domestic abuse at La Galerie D’Art Contemporain in Montréal. I produced new material, exhibited previous works and invited a few other artists to show their work on the subject. I invited dancer and choreographer Amanda Moretti to join me with her dancers in her Butoh production which echoed the artwork presented. I invited a rescue center to participate in the event and added in workshops over a 90 day period.

At the moment, I am very eager to pick up where I left off. My particular interest is in the combination of video and dance. I love the multitude of options that digital platforms have to offer in combination with dance. This is what I would like to explore, from a kinaesthetic, visual and musical perspective. I am very interested in incorporating sound in my dance work. 
I like to produce dance that is authentic, emotional, unique and personal. 

Although I have not yet uploaded any videos, I am busy transcribing them from VHS to digital media. I will post them as soon as they are ready. I am archiving many years of my dance work at the moment.

The dancers who have inspired me the most are Margie Gillis, Omar Nahedin and O Vertigo.