Tanya Standish McIntyre 25sc

Tanya Standish McIntyre

Tanya Standish McIntyre is a visual artist and poet born and still residing in the rural Eastern Townships.

In the intersection of Word and Image, the viewer/reader is compelled by the myriad facets of mirroring found in her evocative artwork and poetry.

She is also a trained Biography Worker, working with groups and individuals to find meaning in their life-stories through art, poetry, storytelling and myth. To know more about this fascinating field, read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biography_Work

Her debut poetry collection, THE HOUSE YOU WERE BORN IN, is set to be published by McGill Queens University Press in 2022, in the Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series.

This is a description:

Tanya Standish McIntyre gives voice to the unspoken, shining a light into the dark corners of our collective memory, revealing an indelible past that gleams with striking clarity, empathy, and humanity. Taking seed in the dilapidated barns and warm sunlit rooms of McIntyre’s personal history, these poems embed themselves in the mind of the reader, weaving a lush filigree of well-worn remembrances and time-honored treaties of the self, half-forgotten yet ever-lingering. A stunning debut by a promising new poetic voice, haunting and uplifting in equal measure. The sweeping power of its narrative force will leave you spellbound.




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