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World Creation Studio

World Creation Studio is a non-profit digital arts organization located in Montreal, QC. As an artist-run center, we are committed to amplifying new voices and ideas through offering creative resources, studio access, mentorship, and programming for youth and emerging artists. We prioritize fostering a community that feels welcoming, safe and inclusive. We do our best to accommodate artists in need and to provide opportunities to artists from underserved communities- our studio is an ever evolving project created by and for the artists that bring life to it. 

As artists, the way we critically engage with today’s technologies helps broaden our understanding of the world by inspiring new ideas, experimentation, and social progress. Working at the forefront of the creative technological landscape, together we have a lively output of projects that span sound, music, installation, performance, virtual reality, 3D, coding, design, animation, bio art, robotics, and more. We provide equipment and facilities that support the exploration of these media with the intention of having a positive impact on creative applications of emerging technologies in society.

Our programming facilitates a wide variety of practices, aiming to support artists by promoting multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to developing work. Studio members and artists in residence are provided opportunities for presentation through our on-site performances, exhibitions and digital dissemination.

2022 Programming:

-Artist Residency program

-Young Creators program (in partnership with Jeunesse 2000)

-Audiovisual Creation Residency + Immersive Exhibition (in partnership with the Société des arts technologiques)

-WCS Artist Showcase

-Live Community Event Series

-Artist Features