James Little 54sc

James Little

Former host of CHOM JAZZ, Jim Little has written for various web sites and publications, including The Gazette, Montreal weeklies Hour and the Mirror, www.jazzmontreal.com, Coda, dig! (Winnipeg), MTL, Montreal Magazine, The Montreal Daily News, Ottawa Revue, and Vibrations Magazine (Montreal).
A talented artist, Little's drawings have appeared in his chapbooks (see Selected Publication Credits below) and in the British journal, Modern English Teacher. His photos have appeared in Hour and on the jazzmontreal web site. The courtroom artist in the Poundmaker episode of the NFB Chiefs series, his drawing of the actor playing Poundmaker is prominently featured.

Could Be: New Fiction (Mezzoforte, 2012)
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"Train Ride" - Quebec Writing Competition shortlist, summer 2011.
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"The Museum of What Could Have Been" - CBC Literary Awards shortlist 2004.
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"Keeping Canadian Time" - review of Mark Miller
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