Alex Gravenstein 30sc

Alex Gravenstein

Alex has been acting professionally since 2015, but has been on stage and quite smaller screens well before that. Originally from Virginia, he moved to Montreal to study mechanical engineering and psychology at McGill. It was during these years that he fell even more in love with theater and film. Then there was no looking back.

He wanted to learn everything he could about the industry, and while he was already an editor, he learned camera work, vfx, coloring, sound, mixing, and (basic) lighting.

He has even been working on and off in casting offices since 2016, including Kenyon-Wells and Elite casting agencies in Montreal, where was a reader, ran camera, read scripts & created sides, among other tasks. He is a part of the ACTRA YEAA subcommittee, a team for making opportunities to help and encourage actors.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, he merged his two acting workshops (cold reading and in-person/self-taping workshops) into one, online format, with his business partner Maxine Denis.  The workshop, called isolACTION, was intended initially as an escape from the pressure of the lockdowns as well as an audition gym and social space.  On top of that, it was free to join and open to the world.  After half a year, it officially became a comprehensive, adaptable, yet affordable professional service and still is today.  Come check it out!

As an actor, he has been in an assortment of features, tv shows, video games, and more: most recently appearing in Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall and starring as Eric King in the video game House Of Ashes. Some other notable productions include Mrs. America (FX), Blood & Treasure (CBS), The Detectives (CBC), X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Fox), and more. Outside of the industry… you'd probably catch him rock climbing or playing in the water.

He hopes to use everything he has learned and continues to learn to give back to the acting community to make this enchanting world more accessible to others.