Alyssa Rae Archer-Cooper 115sc

Alyssa Rae Archer-Cooper

Alyssa Rae is a multimedia artist and entrepreneur who obtained a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (with distinction) from Concordia University. She is trained in a variety of artistic mediums and specializes in oil and acrylic painting. Alyssa has had various opportunities to display her artwork throughout the Montreal community, which have been purchased in both private and public collections. Most recently, her artwork was featured on the City of Dorval's public street piano installation, as well as the Artists' Association of Dollard's virtual art exhibition. Alyssa's artwork expresses elements of flow, structure, balance, and details, which are influenced by her backgrounds in dance and martial arts. Key themes addressed in her art practice include freedom, happiness, and self-discovery. Alyssa enjoys using her art as a tool to connect with others, but understands that the freedom to let her own experiences, thoughts and connections guide her work is paramount.