Anna J McIntyre 69sc

Anna J McIntyre

I am an artist with a practice rooted in feminism. I am interdisciplinary and work with drawing, sculpture, installation, printmaking, costume, storytelling, performance and micro-activism. My work investigates how people perceive, create and maintain their notions of self through behaviour and visual cues.

Projects may incorporate live performance, commercial signage, storytelling, thinking forests, kinetic sculpture, touch, light, sound and smell as I explore the ways in which people decipher experience. I examine concepts of illusion and spectacle, the roles of the performer and observer, light and shadow, indications of power, the politics of silence and how to make something from nothing as ways of understanding how society actively maintains and defines cultural norms. Past works range from elaborately costumed black superheroes, illustrated revisions of history, feminist foosball tables, homages for the forgotten, mythical relatives to mixed media collages of surreal histories collaging British, Trinidadian and Canadian folklores. My projects are always a mixture of mediums and philosophies. I welcome the murky territory within the philosophically rich continuum of simultaneously holding opposing views.

Aesthetically, my work aims to combine diverse cultural influences (Trinidadian, British, Canadian) through the juxtaposition of familiar materials in novel usages and forms. The playful mash-up of materials acknowledges the active nature of negotiating culture, as well as the contradictions that may exist within our self-definitions.

My work is layered in meaning and intent, with many visual negotiations of cultural norms. Installations provide environments with uncertain rules. Viewers must make themselves comfortable on their own terms. Projects explore the spoken, the historical, the contemporary, the imagined, the unexpected, the uncomfortable, clichés, the mundane and extraordinary realities of modern day living. I seek to create work acknowledging the past and present, as well as imagine a surreal dream of what is to come. 



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