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Diane Roberts Arrivals Legacy Project

The Arrivals Legacy Project (ALP) is a national interarts organisation founded in 2015 and incorporated in 2021 whose head office is based in Montreal. 

Our mission is to enable BIPOC creators to access and re-root their creative impulses by attuning to the wisdom of their ancestral stories through embodied research and reciprocal knowledge exchange.

Starting from cultural humility and creative curiosity, we accompany artists from all disciplines as they unearth personal and cultural histories using conventional research and embodied recovery tools, cross-cultural exchange and performative story-making. Our workshops and residencies birth new discoveries and plant creative seeds that cultivate interdisciplinary works for performance and/or exhibition.

Since 2003, founding Artistic Director Diane Roberts has developed the Arrivals Legacy creation process in collaboration with Indigenous and intercultural collaborators across Canada and beyond. The interactive participatory workshops have grown into a working methodology that draws out and establishes a common vocabulary amongst BIPOC artists, our ways of working and our sense of ourselves as artists in a global society.

Instagram:  @ArrivalsLegacyProject