Anna Atkinson 60sc

Anna Atkinson

Anna Atkinson is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who lives in Montreal. Originally from Windsor, Ontario, she studied the viola at the University of Victoria. She began her professional career in Toronto before moving to Montreal four years ago.

Anna currently performs her own music under the name Linaire. The project’s self-titled debut album was released in October 2020. Using uncluttered electronic beats, ethereal synths, incandescent strings and poetically lucid lyrics, Linaire explores complex emotions, anxiety, ancestry and presence. Anna also has two albums released under her own name: Sky Stacked Full (2016) and Mooniture (2011).

As a collaborator, Anna has contributed, both as creator and performer, to numerous projects across music, theatre, film and dance. She played in Victoria-based band Blue Richard and the Apricots and Toronto songwriting collective Words Around the Waist, and performed in productions at The Theatre Centre, Soulpepper and The Stratford Festival. She has composed music for productions at Tangente, The Centaur and Toronto Fringe.

Current collaborations include: The Inside, The Outside, a live audio/video performance featuring animations by video artist Elysha Poirier; and Les waitress sont tristes, a new play in creation by Montreal theatre company Joe, Jack et John. She is also working on a new Linaire album.