Ayelet Rose Gottlieb 30sc

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

“Gottlieb created “Orchard of Pomegranates” as a platform for teaching, discussion, listening sessions and a safe-space for musical adventure and connectedness. Online, it has gained in reach and significance during these times of musical isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participant/faculty such as Jay Clayton, Theo Bleckmann, Fay Victor, Sofìa Rei, Clarice Assad and Katie Bull foster a relaxed but intensive atmosphere of holistic learning and performance.”

-New York City Jazz Record

Orchard of Pomegranates is a commity for creatives who seek accountability and inspiration in their artistic process. Led by musician and multi-disciplinary artist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, this diverse international community is led primarily by women and non-binary folks, who aim to create a safe space for you to explore the edges of your creativity. The Orchard offers workshops by cutting edge artists, musicians, choreographers, writers, and more... to enrich,nurture and deepen your practice. 



Instagram:  www.instagram.com/orchardofpomegranates


Bandcamp:  ayelet.bandcamp.com