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Bravi Productions

Bravi Productions is the new production company to watch in Quebec City for all things related to musical theatre. Although our main activity is the presentation of professional quality shows in Quebec, we measure our success by the impact we have around us.

We believe that the key to success is the development of partnerships: we aim to leave a positive mark on our community, whether through our volunteer work or through our valuable affiliations and service exchanges. Within each and every production, we strive to provide each artist and stakeholder the opportunity to learn, achieve, and  grow.

We value the authenticity of each production, therefore each piece is presented in its original language. Creation, innovation, and multi-disciplinarianism are the core values of our productions: Bravi aims for the flourishing of art, drawing the best of each discipline to deliver strong, insightful performances of high quality.

Along with its offer of workshops, seminars, and scholarships, Bravi Productions has the primary objective of improving the quality of musical theatre in Quebec City, its appreciation by the public, and providing a platform for presentation and creation for both Quebec's professional and emerging artists

Instagram:  www.instagram/braviproductions