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We're self-publishing companions.

We offer professional publishing services to independent authors who have decided to self-publish rather than sign with a publisher.

Whether you're

a first-time author looking to publish and sell your book commercially,

a published author who has turned to self-publishing because you value your artistic independence,

or writing your story or memoir that you'd like to share with friends and family, we've developed a one-stop shop where you'll find all the support and services you need to self-publish at a professional level.

Manuscript editing, book design, cover creation, illustration, translation, printing, online sale and distribution... authors looking for self-publishing support will find everything they need under a single roof.

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A Montreal-based service

Our roof is conveniently located at the intersection of Little Italy and the Mile Ex, in Montreal. Rooted in Montreal's cultural scene, we feel it's important to celebrate our local and national identities, and to encourage Canadian professionals. Everyone on our team of nearly 30 publishing professionals lives within Canada. What's more, we print all our books in-house, at 6600 rue Saint-Urbain, which allows us to monitor print quality firsthand and to provide competitive prices and turnaround times to our authors.

Fostering author independence

With the increasing popularity of self-publishing as a viable solution for authors, a plethora of services have appeared to meet the needs of authors who want to self-publish but don't know how. Unfortunately, a good deal of these services take advantage of the prevailing ignorance among authors regarding the publishing process, imposing contracts and conditions that bind authors and render them dependent.

For us, this goes against what self-publishing is all about. Self-publishing is about empowering authors. And so everything we do is aimed at increasing author independence. We're here to share our know-how, build community and continue to grow alongside our authors in order to create a sustainable publishing model, one that serves the author first.

Flexibility & Transparency

Our publishing packages are fully customizable. Every time we meet an author, we begin by identifying their particular needs, and we tailor our proposals to those needs. Our model is collaborative, which means that our authors get to connect directly with the publishing professionals (editor, designer, illustrator, translator) working on their manuscript. No smokescreens, no hidden fees or gatekeepers. Our goal is always to help our authors grow as independent author-publishers, and the best way to do this is to have the author participate in the process from start to finish.

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