Carrie Katz 79sc

Carrie Katz

Music. Carrie Katz was born in Montreal. Her last CD project (Where You Dream) was produced by TOX Records and distributed by Universal Music Canada. Carrie either performs solo or with The Carrie Katz Band and has had numerous Festival, Television and Montreal area performances. She works as a singer, (classically trained/studied at McGill) in various Montreal Choirs, lends her voice on numerous recordings, is a professional voice actor including commercial Jingles. As a musician and songwriter, she has collaborated on many Montreal and International projects, from LOS Angeles to Europe.

Writer. Carrie Katz is a poet and performs her poetry as well as her song writing. She is a writer of children's short stories and a scriptwriter, she has just written 2 narration scripts for Production Maj's How It's Madeseen on The Discovery Channel. She also writes corporate Script for companies' web sites and for their business development projects.

Film And Television. Carrie Katz has worked in independent film and cinema, for the National Film Board of Canada and for Feature Fiction productions and Television. She has worn many hats, from scriptwriter for Television to Script Supervisor and Continuity for Features. She worked on many award winning Feature Documentary Films in post production (assistant picture editor and editor) as well as having experience in preproduction and production roles.