Welcome! Please come in, as we continue to transform into what can be found inside the *home of CTRLLAB, where Art Matters festival began 23 years ago. Re-Membering makes room for our innate human desire to belong– to ourselves, with each other, and in our world– and our curiosity to explore this desire through both the artificial (technology), and the natural (organic materials), which put together can cause tension.

In this space, you are invited to participate in many different juxtaposed conversations. Explore the process of fatigue and decay through the metamorphic sculpture of Alexia Paz Escobar, and the interactive textile of Yuhui Zhou. Wonder at the possibilities of a spiritual journey, and return to nature through the performance installation of Emem Etti, and the mixed media painting of Lourdenie Jean. Enter a state of recollection to uncover the stories of a past generation through the intricate weaving of Mingwei Li, and the layered multimedia compilations of Amy Park. Allow the energising feeling provoked by reclamation to wash over you through the painting of Sridevi positioned behind the projection wall. All the while, a vivid animation plays opposite in the room told by Ana Teodorescu, reminding us of the inevitable cycle of death and rebirth. By being open and intentionally considering these complex dialogues, the present moment can gently guide us into re-membering ourselves back to our roots.


*Where home is in the structure of a house built on land that was never surrendered, but defended and taken care of by the Tiohtià:ke / Moonyiang people since time immemorial.



Ana Teodorescu: Life  | @cateo.doro

Alexia Paz Escobar: To Fester?  | @hermits_art

yamy park: see you soon!  |

Emem Etti: If the shoe Fits | @tky_no_exp

Mingwei Li: What I think of when I think of home  | @chocobaeee__

Lourdenie Jean: La rencontre part.3  |

Samantha Zhou: Tamagotchi  |

Chandni patel: chinnamasta |

Sridevi | @chandni__raat_hogi_

Amy (Ahmee) Park | @softdad

March 04, 2023 at 4:00pm - 9pm
3634 ST LAURENT Blvd
Montreal, QC H2X 2V4
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Ctrllab · · 438 6229879

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