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Delvin Chatterson

Delvin Chatterson

Like Dale Hunter, Del Chatterson is an engineer from UBC with an MBA from McGill and ran a computer products distribution business in Montreal in the 1980’s. Some of the stories in his first novel of the Dale Hunter series, No Easy Money actually happened, but most are fiction. “They’re all my worst nightmares,” he says, “that I decided to share through these imagined stories.”

Del is a strategic advisor, consultant, coach and cheerleader for entrepreneurs and has written extensively on business topics. He now has several new writing projects, including a short story collection and this series of business novels. He has published two business books, Don’t Do It the Hard Way, A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, only a fool insists on making his own and The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans. The business books share the real-life stories of entrepreneurs and the lessons learned.

Originally from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Del has lived and worked for most of the past forty years in the fascinating, multicultural, bilingual, French-Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec. He is dedicated to sharing his ideas, experience and advice with entrepreneurs to help improve their lives and their businesses. He has helped entrepreneurs around the world, including volunteer consulting and financial support in developing economies and in Aboriginal communities. His own life experience includes running nine marathons after the age of fifty (setting no records, but never being last) and running for Member of Parliament in the 2000 Canadian Federal election. (He came second, not last.)

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