Sharon Graves-Mac Rae 30sc

Sharon Graves-Mac Rae

I have live in the beautiful Laurentians of Quebec, Canada, all my life. I have loved storytelling for just as long. I am number six of seven children, a large vibrant family that fed my growing creativity when I was small. My stories and art are the dream seeds long ago planted in this little girl’s heart. I am finally ready to share them. Even better, my latest creative venture will be with my youngest child as my partner on this path.

Creating is like breathing for me, my soul and body need it. I have jumped from all different types of platforms and formats over the years. I love painting, writing, designing websites and printed materials, and taste testing mediums for crafting. There is beauty in the imperfections and my heart goes into my work 100%.

My hope in the near future is to showcase my books and my other creations on my new website. Imagine, dream and love!