Guillaume Jabbour 84sc

Guillaume Jabbour

Born from a french Canadian mother and a Palestinian father and raised in Lachute, QC, Guillaume Jabbour fronts original music band Jabbour and plays in other musical projects as a professional gigging musician. He credits his bi-ethnic childhood home for the development of his musical tastes and songwriting abilities as well as his sensitivity towards the linguistic and cultural reality that exists among Quebecers.

As an Art Educator, Guillaume is interested in intertwining natural sounds and tech in the classroom to create sonic art. His objectives in art education include enabling youth to cultivate their musical interests and demonstrating that art-related careers are multi-faceted and very important.

HERE is an example of some of Guillaume's recent work with students at Sainte Agathe Academy, during an ACE Residency.

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Guillaume lives with his wife and two children in Gore, QC, where he can often be seen out on his canoe with a handheld recorder waiting for the perfect moment to capture the lonely call of the loon.