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Beanduck Productions

An independent video production company from Montreal, Canada, Beanduck was founded in 2012 by director Julian Stamboulieh and producer Benjamin Warner.

Shortly after Beanduck’s inception, the company received great critical and creative acclaim with the web series LARPs - a collaboration with writer Jon Verrall and housed on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry, a part of Legendary's Digital Network.  

Fan integration and engagement is at the core of Beanduck’s mandate. The success of LARPs demonstrated the importance of not simply telling a story to a community, but with a community.

The company excels at producing content with a geek flair, using creative and innovative platforms to reach audiences. A Beanduck production taps into a network of talented Montreal artists and creators to tell stories with humour, heart and ingenuity. 

Beanduck Studios, located in NDG, offers a variety of video production and performer services including self tapes, demo creation and headshot photography. The space is frequently used for rehearsals and workshops. Inquiries can be sent to 

Team Members:

Julian Stamboulieh

Benjamin Warner

Elizabeth Neale