Louis Lopez 25sc

Louis Lopez

Hello beautiful world,

I am a musician who's obsessed with rock and metal music and I'm mostly passionate about anything 80's. I've been playing guitar, electric to be more specific since 2012 and I learned with an instructor in an institution.

I'm also a cinephile who loves to watch and contribute to the movie industry. You guessed it! I adore acting and I've taken a theater course as well from 2019-2021. I'm also very passionate about this medium.

I've always enjoyed doing impressions of people and I would say I'm pretty good at it. If you haven't already guessed where I'm going with this, the answer is voice acting. I just love doing voices and I also have a tremendous interest in the gaming industry. Performance captures and voice acting are also my passions.

Last but definitely not least, I just love meeting new people and specially if they happen to be an artist as well my heart will start pounding faster from excitement! I would love to meet new fellow artists from literally any medium and I hope we can achieve great things together.

Thank you for reading until the end!

Keep rockin!

From the heart,