Infinithéâtre's Pipeline Returns!

The Pipeline is Infinithéâtre’s annual public reading series of plays that have come down our development pipeline. Audience feedback takes centre stage as Infinithéâtre invites the public to catch the excitement and share their views on plays that we are considering for production in future seasons, giving the public a unique opportunity to voice their opinions and directly influence Montréal’s cultural development. All readings are free for the public to attend, with donations accepted and appreciated. This year’s Pipeline readings series runs from December 9-11th, at Kin Experience in downtown Montreal.

Pipeline Schedule

December 9th @ 7PM: Arco, Part 1: Ostinoto by Nick Carpenter -  Directed by Sarah Garton Stanley - Cast: Tyrone Benskin, Leni Parker, Deena Aziz, Clare Coulter, Joe Cobden

December 10th @ 7PM: Albumen by Mishka Lavigne (QWF Prize for Playwriting 2020 winner) - Directed by Amanda Kellock - Cast: Virginie Daigle, Mariah Inger, Jake Cohen

December 11th @ 7PM: Fix by Joy Ross-Jones (Write-on-Q 2021 winner) - Directed by Cristina Cugliandro - Cast: Amanda Silveira, Marcelo Arroyo


Arco, Part 1: Ostinoto - by Nick Carpenter

Synopsis: The great northern city of Hezurra is under siege. As it weathers its first winter, an orchestra of starving musicians is assembled to nourish the city with hope and a spirit of resistance. We need not look far beneath the gloss of this heroic narrative to find stories of acute desperation and moral collapse. While Maestro Prandius pushes his orchestra toward the performance of an ambitious new symphony, Bazkarian, a half-starved violinist, loses — through his own failure of courage — his wife and daughters to the void of the state’s paranoid authority. Bazkarian struggles to restore his family. Meanwhile, the orchestra of which he is a member lives its finest hour — howling its defiance from within the besieged city in a performance that echoes through the century.

Albumen - by Mishka Lavigne

Synopsis: The sensation of having veered off the path. Of being asleep with your eyes wide open. Of being erased and slowly drained of colour. Of being a copy of a copy of a copy… Of being left to wander out in the cold. The sensation of your flaws being exposed, bit by bit, in a photo-bath. Albumen delves into the existential sensations and harmful co-dependencies of Jessa, a talented artist who abandoned her craft to work in an office and to model for her former mentor, photographer Danielle. In a ritual of sorts, Jessa gives blood every 56 days, in order to give her life meaning. At the clinic, she meets nurse and lover Lucas—both he and Danielle corner Jessa to reveal the things she’s running from, pushing her to her breaking point. Non-linear and poetic, Albumen creates a world of tension between mystery, sex and pain and dives into Jessa’s emotional world with true expressionism.

Fix - by Joy Ross-Jones

Synopsis: Father obsessively searches the radio waves in a struggle to save his home country from drowning, while Daughter struggles to save him. They ask, do we try to fix what’s broken, or focus instead on a new future?


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December 09, 2021 at 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Kin Experience
397 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, QC H3A 2G3
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Riley Wilson · · 514 987 1774 ext.104

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