Tirumalai RAGHUNATHAN 115sc


Kabir Centre is a professional multi-disciplinary arts organization based in Montreal, contributing to the vibrant pluralistic arts scene of Montreal, Quebec and Canada through its dedication to South Asian Classical arts, especially to its diverse music and dance forms. Acting in the role of presenters, promoters and producers of various artistic events, the centre is in favor of exploring the frontiers in aesthetically pleasing ways between South Asian classical arts and comparable art forms elsewhere in the world.


Artistic Vision of the Centre :

  • Produce/Present events with the best artists of classical South Asian music and dance to the public of Montreal and elsewhere in Canada.
  • Promote concerts of fusion of the traditional South Arts and and comparable classical arts elsewhere in the world
  • Promote the exploration of South Asian classical arts beyond the traditional religious frontiers and adapt them to secular and social themes pertinent to the world that we inhabit, including in this context folk music and dance forms.
  • Encourage and promote Canadian arts of a professional standard by presenting them in concerts and using their services in arts appreciation initiatives.
  • Present the best of contemporary South Asian productions in the domain of cinema through the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal (a registered name of Kabir Centre)

Social Vision of the Centre :

The social vision of the centre, to which its artistic vision is anchored, aims to promote harmony and mutual respect among the members of the South Asian diaspora living in Canada and to build bridges with the larger Canadian society. Important initiatives such as monthly book club discussions (sometimes with the writers being present), biannual poetry sessions and an annual film festival of South Asian films reinforce this vision and make our activities known to a large section of the public.