Jenna Dennison 29sc

Jenna Dennison

Composer Jenna Dennison's diverse catalog includes solo, chamber, and electronic music, as well as collaborations with animation and dance. Originally from southern California, she came to Montréal in 2000 and has studied and worked as a musician throughout Québec and the eastern United States. She holds a bachelor's degree in music composition from Concordia University (Montréal), and a Master's Degree from James Madison University (Virginia).

An active performer, Jenna plays classical piano and highland bagpipes and takes a keen interest in folk music. Her eclecticism is reflected in her creative output as well, in works like "Leaving Earth" (a hypnotizing quartal piece for solo piano) and "Seven" (a dramatic and dissonant string quartet, written for the dance choreography by the same name by Mary Lowman).

"Were Watson an Organ", her most recent work, is a nine-minute mashup of 53 excerpts of pipe organ repertoire, written for pipe organ an electronics. It was premiered by Earth World Collaborative in July of 2018 at St. James United Church in Montreal.