Jessica Sallay-Carrington 34sc

Jessica Sallay-Carrington

Jessica Sallay-Carrington is a queer sculptural ceramic artist living in Montreal, they are queer and identify their gender as non-binary, thus using ‘they/them’ pronouns as well as ‘she/her’. In 2014 Jessica received their BFA in ceramics at Concordia University. Currently they continue to produce work in their home studio and actively pursues artistic travel opportunities. Attending artist residencies has brought Jessica to Greece, Italy, Denmark, as well as Maine and Virginia in the USA. Residencies and teaching workshops has brought them to Canada’s East coast of Nova Scotia and British Columbia in the West. Jessica has been part of many group exhibitions around Canada and the USA as well as one in Italy. They have had four solo exhibitions in Canada, the most recent one was on Salt Spring Island in BC to mark the end of their 3-month residency. Throughout Jessica’s career they have won four awards for their sculptures and received one grant to attend a residency in Italy. They have also been featured in multiple publications including CBC Exhibitionists, New York’s ArtTour International Magazine, and a book of 80 contemporary ceramic artists commissioned by The Pyramyd Publications being released in October 2019.

Jessica Sallay-Carrington's work focuses on the representation of femininity and the role of gender and sexuality in modern society. Jessica examines their society through the lens of a queer and non-binary individual. Through ceramic sculptures, Jessica questions gender expectations and stereotypes and how they influence personal identities. The animalistic qualities of these sculptures speak for the subconscious parts of human action, blurring the line between human and animal. Jessica uses their sculptures to fight for gender equality and aims to develop a revaluation of what defines 'feminine' in contemporary society.

A few recent sculptures include Little Black HeartMythical BeingDetails and my Ambrosia series. 

Jessica's work can be found on their website,  Instagram, or on facebook