Judi Blum 30sc

Judi Blum

I am a Spiritual Doula, with a 3-year Interspiritual Counselling Certification.  I have been a Holistic Chiropractor in private practice for 25+ years.  As a Spiritual Doula, I assist people in remembering our wholeness which is the part of oneself that has never been wounded or separated from the Divine. I create opportunities to connect with one’s soul or higher power. I do this through interactive workshops and community gatherings. Benefits include: Healing spiritual wounds, creating/finding meaning in life, rediscovering the authentic self, deepening connection to a higher consciousness, integrating spiritual life into daily life

Creativity constitutes the ultimate intimacy for it is the place where the Divine and the human are most destined to interact. ~ Matthew Fox

The Longing: What you seek is seeking you is a 5-week workshop focused on one's evolving spiritual journey.  We explore the 3 Faces of Spirit via contemplation and art.  The creative spirit is given space to flow through altar creation, poetry writing, sacred movement, drawing and collage.