Julian Baslyk 30sc

Julian Baslyk

Julian Baslyk was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and he began to create abstract, colorful artworks at a young age. Julian has received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Concordia University. Julian has mainly worked on painting and drawing but has also experimented with intaglio printmaking, sculpture, and digital. He has had 7 solo exhibitions and has taken part in many group shows at various locations in Montreal, art galleries, coffee shops, and other venues. Julian Baslyk deals with reality and the abstract. Combining a set of shapes, forms and colours he creates psychedelic scenes that evoke thought, feeling, and wonder. Baslyk has a unique self-taught process to create his paintings, and this process dictates the structure, form, and abstract qualities. As he searches for his own artistic and self-improvement, he strives for the relationship between beautiful forms, colour, composition and depth. The universe is pondered upon, and altered dimensions and depths are realized as the observer is taken into another realm whereas human perception is altered and outer dimensions experienced. Julian's writing and visual art have synergy and build from each other, he writes poetry and is currently working on a novel.

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/j.baslykart