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Wendy Seys Seys

The Knowlton Literary Association hosts the Knowlton Literary Festival, an annual festival that celebrates English language literature. 

Initially conceived as Letters from Knowlton, an English version of Les Correspondances d’Eastman, in 2010 the festival became a unique entity unto itself under the auspices of the Knowlton Literary Association, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the literary arts in the town of Brome Lake and surrounding communities.

The Festival includes presentations by published writers from across Canada and beyond, including author interviews, panels, readings, and a brunch. Selected writers are invited into our local schools to interact with our youth and stimulate interest in reading and self-expression. Writing workshops are offered to assist aspiring writers to explore and develop their craft. Each edition also features a dedicated segment to showcase and encourage the works of writers and poets from the region. 

From its inception, the Festival has enjoyed the guidance and support of Honorary Patron Louise Penny, internationally acclaimed author; many of her books are set in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.