Laura Coulter-Low 45sc

Laura Coulter-Low

I am a Montreal-based, self-represented performer who has trained in Quebec, Ontario and Ireland. I have an advanced diploma in Music Theatre-Performance and an Honours Bachelor in Performing Arts from ITSligo, Ireland. I had the opportunity as one of twenty-five performers to workshop and perform in a new canadian musical The Dreamcatchers as part of the 2017 Charlottetown Young Company. Most recently I worked with the International cultural organization Gruppo Jobel on a theatre pilot project at College-Marcelline. 

In my final year of my degree I was able to combine my passions for environmental issues and theatre practice in my dissertation about ecological theatre. I feel passionately that performance art is a vital medium to engage our communities with the climate crisis. As Una Chaudhuri wrote, "The daunting scale of climate phenomena should not block our access to perspectives offered by the more intimate spaces of narrative and the emobodied knowledge of performance."