Lauren DeRoller 85sc

Lauren DeRoller

Lauren is an innovative, multi-talented performer based in Montreal, Canada. She is a classically trained violinist playing regularly with the Montreal Symphony and the National Arts Centre Orchestras, an electronic-acoustic music creator and improviser, a storyteller, writer and comedian.

She received her ARCT diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music at age 17; and her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music Performance from Indiana University and McGill University respectively.

Since expanding from the classical music world into the realms of storytelling, comedy, and electroacoustic music in 2017; Lauren has been an unstoppable force in the Montreal Arts scene. Her greatest passion is creating live shows and multimedia experiences that combine all of the above art forms.

In 2018 she was the musical director for Kay Komizara's "Riot: Theatre Improvised, Improv Theater-ised," in which she performed structured improvised music on violin with collaborative pianist Eliazer Kramer for a completely improvised dramatic play. She co-created "The Score," a recurring show for Montreal Improv Theatre's 2018-2019 season where she performed sketch comedy as her alter-ego Anastasia Stradivarius von Labia; as well as improvised and classical violin in tandem with long-form improv comedy.

Most notably, she co-created and performed in "Under the Sheets," which debuted at the 2019 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. She and electronic musician Pat McMaster told autobiographical stories based on traumatic events from their childhoods, and then translated them into live original electroacoustic music."With brave storytelling and top-notch musical performances, "Under the Sheets" is a concert unlike any other, an intimate celebration of human connection and the immeasurable power of music as a tool of self-expression." -Montreal Theatre Hub

Lauren has spent her time during the Covid-19 pandemic writing for her ridiculous blog and creating her first inter-disciplinary solo show: "You're Not Alone: Music and Stories about Solitude."